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Freeze away stubborn fat.
Double results in half the time.

Coolsculpting Elite

Freeze away stubborn fat.
Double results in half the time.

CoolSculpting Elite in El Paso, Texas


CoolSculpting Elite is the newest non-surgical fat reduction treatment. As the sister treatment to the original CoolSculpting machine, both reduce fat using the same advanced technology. However, CoolSculpting Elite features many technological improvements, including larger cooling panels, new ergonomic applicators, and dual contouring capabilities. Combined, CoolSculpting Elite sets itself apart as the most effective non-surgical fat reduction by reducing stubborn fat bulges faster, easier, and quicker than before.

If you’re tired of dealing with diet or exercise-resistant fat cells and want to avoid painful surgical procedures, CoolSculpting Elite can help. Azul Medspa is the leading provider of the new, safe, and FDA-cleared CoolSculpting Elite in the El Paso, Texas area. Call us at Medspa East (915) 317-5212 or Medspa West (915) 584-2985 to schedule a consultation and learn how you can obtain your dream physique without surgery.

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CoolSculpting ELITE

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CoolSculpting Elite Benefits


The before and after pictures show the physical changes you can expect after this new comprehensive fat reduction treatment. As with all body contouring treatments, results vary per person.* However, each client who receives CoolSculpting Elite from a professional like Azul Medspa achieves impressive fat reduction results.

CoolSculpting Elite is a technique-sensitive treatment. Therefore, to secure safe, effective results, you must select the most professional provider in your area. Clients who choose Azul Medspa receive non-surgical fat reduction treatments from licensed and trained professionals with the ability to help each person achieve a slimmer, more contoured physique.

Understanding CoolSculpting Elite’s

CoolSculpting Elite is the newest treatment from Allergan. This fat reduction method uses advanced cooling, Cryolipolysis, to target and reduce subcutaneous fat cells underneath the skin. During a cooling session, the technician “freezes” the fat cells below the skin without harming the surrounding skin or tissues. The new technology means a more effective, comfortable treatment that yields more impressive results. During CoolSculpting Elite, the technician places one of the new C-shaped applicators over the target treatment area(s) and exposes the fat cells to calibrated cooling. The temperature causes the fat cell’s membrane to harden and eventually rupture, disabling the cell.

Weeks after the treatment, the body undergoes a natural immune response that collects those disabled cells. Once gathered, the body releases the dead cells from the body as a form of waste. One of the best things about CoolSculpting Elite’s safe, non-surgical fat reduction is that once the fat cells leave the body, they can never return. Therefore, this method of fat reduction leads to long-term and sustainable results.

Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise.
CoolSculpting effectively target fat cells underneath the skin without damage to the skin or surrounding tissues. Treated fat cells are frozen and then die.
In the weeks that follow, the body naturally processes and eliminates these dead fat cells. Treated fat cells are gone for good!*

The Differences Between
Fat Reduction Treatments

CoolSculpting Elite is a new take on the original CoolSculpting treatment. While both use the same innovative cooling technology to reduce fat cells and contour the body, they each feature different machines and equipment.

New Applicators

The new treatment features several engineering upgrades. First, the new devices feature a C-shape design that allows technicians to contour the body better and more efficiently. As a result, CoolSculpting Elite applicators conform more easily to the natural curvatures of the body.

The seven applicators also make it possible to treat nine total areas of the body. Those nine treatment areas now include:

Larger Cooling

CoolSculpting Elite’s applicators now have 18% larger cooling panels. The larger panels enable the treatment to reduce more fat cells than ever before.

Dual Applicator

One of the biggest differences between the two cooling machines is the introduction of dual contouring. The original CoolSculpting machine could only target one treatment area at a time. Now, the new Elite treatment allows people to enjoy double cooling, resulting in twice the amount of fat reduction in less time.


CoolSculpting Elite

People can expect to see results in as little as three weeks. The treatment area begins to look smaller and leaner as the target fat cells die and are removed from the body. Results are progressive and continue to improve. The full effects of treatment are seen within several months. As with all fat reduction treatments, results will vary.*

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Selecting Azul Medspa
for Fat Reduction

Azul Medspa of El Paso, TX, is under the direction of Dr. Lyle D. Weeks, MD. We are proud to provide aesthetic solutions for over 5 years in the area. We have a highly trained staff of registered nurses, laser technicians, and medical aestheticians who provide the best medical spa practices. We proudly lead the way in cosmetic and medical spa treatments with our state-of-the-art facility and advanced technology. Azul Medspa also prides itself on providing the best customer support. We value the safety and happiness of everyone who chooses us for their treatments.

CoolSculpting Elite
in El Paso, Texas

Conquer fat bulges without the need for invasive surgery or pain with CoolSculpting Elite. This method of reducing fat cells is the best way to eliminate bulges and contour a leaner, more attractive physique. Contact Azul Medspa to schedule your consultation to learn if this treatment is the best solution for your needs. Call us at Medspa East (915) 317-5212 or Medspa West (915) 584-2985 or reach out to us online to learn more.

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CoolSculpting Elite FAQs

Is CoolSculpting Elite painful?

CoolSculpting Elite is virtually painless. With technological improvements, people enjoy shorter treatments with more comfortable equipment. Many people prefer the new treatment over the original as it provides a more enjoyable fat-reduction experience providing more dramatic results.

Is CoolSculpting Elite right for me?

CoolSculpting Elite is not suitable for everyone. The ideal candidate is a healthy, active adult dealing with resistant bulges of fat in problem areas. If you consider this fat reduction method and question your candidacy, contact Azul Medspa for a consultation. During this visit, you undergo a physical evaluation to determine if this treatment suits your body and aesthetic goals.

How much does CoolSculpting Elite cost?

The price of reducing fat with CoolSculpting Elite depends on the treatment area(s), the applicators used, and the number of cooling sessions needed to achieve optimal results. The best way to receive your personalized treatment cost, schedule a consultation to speak in-depth with a specialist.


“Visited the spa couple a weeks ago for a cool sculpting procedure. Staff was very accommodating and professional, took the time to go over in detail how procedure works and instructions for the following days after. Was very surprised how they manage their appointments to comply with Covid 19 health recommendations. It will take few weeks to see the final results, but so far I’m very pleased… “
“Being my first CoolSculpting experience I was delighted as to how friendly and professional everyone was with me. This definitely helped me relax. From the get go my Medspa consultant Lorraine explained the process to me thoroughly from beginning to end, her down to earth nature was very refreshing and she ensured my comfortability throughout my CoolSculpting. Thank you Azul Medspa I’ve already scheduled another appointment for a facial. I’m definitely going to be a return client. “
“I am extremely happy with the overall service Azul Medspa provided. From the ease of making my appointment to the great customer service the day of my visit. Lizette was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. Definitely gained a customer for life.”

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CoolSculpting ELITE

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**Coolsculpting® is FDA-cleared to treat fat bulges in 9 areas of the body. Some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.

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