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#1 non-invasive fat reduction
that targets belly fat.

Coolsculpting Elite

#1 non-invasive fat reduction that targets belly fat.

CoolSculpting Your Stomach in El Paso, TX

CoolSculpting is the most popular non-invasive fat reduction treatment using Cryolipolysis or advanced cooling technology. This treatment targets problem areas like the thighs, love handles, armpit fat, back fat, and the most common trouble zone for everyone—the stomach. CoolSculpting stomach treatments successfully reduce subcutaneous fat in the abdomen. In addition, this non-surgical procedure is safe to reduce fat without surgery or a lengthy recovery period.

If you want to learn more about CoolSculpting and how it works on the stomach, contact Azul Medspa. We are the leading provider of CoolSculpting Elite in El Paso, Texas. Call us at Medspa West (915) 584-2985 or Medspa East (915) 317-5212 to schedule your consultation now. Begin your journey towards a contoured midsection and a leaner, firmer tummy without surgery or pain.

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The Physiology of Belly Fat

Many things affect the number of fat cells in the body and where they collect. Gender, genetics, hormones, and even age are a few factors. Once we reach adulthood, the exact number of fat cells and their placement is fixed. While dieting and physical exercise influence how much fat those cells store, they cannot change the total number of cells in a specific area like the stomach.

Fat cells have two receptors, Alpha-2 and Beta-2. The Alpha-2 receptors tell fat cells to store fat for later use. The Beta-2 receptors tell the cells to break down and release fat for immediate use. Our fat cells either have more Alpha-2 or Beta-2. If the fat cells have more Alpha-2, they resist diet and exercise, making it nearly impossible to lose weight. If you struggle to shed fat and inches off your midsection, odds are the fat cells in your abdomen have more Alpha-2 receptors that hold onto and store fat.

The good news is that CoolSculpting treatments act as a safe, non-surgical way to target those fat cells and remove them from the body altogether. One of the best things about CoolSculpting your stomach is that once those fat cells die and leave the body, they can never return. This popular body contouring treatment makes it possible to lose stubborn belly fat without spending countless hours in the gym and restricting what you eat.

Understanding Our CoolSculpting
Abdomen Treatment

CoolSculpting abdomen treatments provide results that are similar to natural fat reduction. Unlike liposuction, which involves a surgeon removing fatty tissue in a single operation, CoolSculpting results gradually appear after a treatment plan is completed.

This innovative fat reduction treatment uses advanced cooling technology, Cryolipolysis, to “freeze” stubborn fat cells that commonly gather in the abdomen. During your CoolSculpting stomach treatment, your technician places a proprietary applicator onto the persistent bulge of fat being targeted. The applicator emits a calibrated cooling that penetrates deep below the skin, attacking fat cells. Once they freeze, the fat cell’s membrane ruptures, and the cells die. The lymphatic system begins a natural immune response and collects the dead cells to get rid of the metabolic waste. After this, the body excretes those dead cells as a form of waste.

The fat reduction process takes place over the span of many weeks. The results are not sudden, meaning the fat reduction is a gradual transformation that looks natural.

Benefits of
CoolSculpting on the Stomach

CoolSculpting Elite
Enhances Abdomen Results

In 2021, Allergan, the maker of the CoolSculpting machine, introduced the newest fat-freezing device, CoolSculpting Elite. This new treatment made CoolSculpting more effective, comfortable, and safe.

So, what’s new about CoolSculpting Elite? First, the technology is more effective. This treatment features larger cooling panels that eliminate 2x the fat in less time and new applicator sizes that make this treatment more comfortable. Second, CoolSculpting Elite makes dual contouring possible. Before, if you wanted to achieve mirror treatments (treatments on each side of the body like the flanks or love handles), you would need two cooling cycles. Now cooling cycles with the new Elite can treat each flank or love handle at the same time.

*results may vary

El Paso CoolSculpting Stomach Cost

CoolSculpting stomach treatment plans are different for every client. Your plan depends on your unique body shape and size and your aesthetic goals. Because of this, the cost of fat reduction varies per person.* Other factors that influence the cost of treatments are the number of sessions you need to obtain your goals and the applicators needed for your body shape.

To receive your specific CoolSculpting cost for stomach treatments, schedule a consultation with Azul Medspa. We evaluate your body and listen to your aesthetic goals during your visit. Then, we work hard to design a plan that delivers optimal fat reduction at a price you can afford.

woman showing her abdomen after CoolSculpting treatment

CoolSculpting Stomach FAQs

Does fat freezing on the stomach hurt?

When the CoolSculpting applicator activates, it delivers controlled cooling to the target area. Some clients find this intense cold feeling a bit uncomfortable, but eventually, the treatment area goes numb. Once this occurs, you can relax and enjoy the duration of your cooling cycle.

Does CoolSculpting strengthen my abdominal muscles?

No. CoolSculpting is a fat-reduction treatment. It does not stimulate or work the abdominal muscles. Instead, it penetrates and destroys stubborn fat cells in the abdominal area.

Will CoolSculpting help me lose weight in my lower stomach?

CoolSculpting is not a weight loss treatment. Instead, it is a fat reduction treatment that will help you lose isolated pockets of fat that commonly form in the tummy. The results are progressive fat reduction which looks like natural fat loss.

Abdomen CoolSculpting
in El Paso, Texas

Azul Medspa offers CoolSculpting Elite in El Paso, Texas. Call us at Medspa West (915) 584-2985 or Medspa East (915) 317-5212 to schedule your consultation and discover how fat freezing reduces pesky belly fat with ease and without painful surgery.

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“Visited the spa couple a weeks ago for a cool sculpting procedure. Staff was very accommodating and professional, took the time to go over in detail how procedure works and instructions for the following days after. Was very surprised how they manage their appointments to comply with Covid 19 health recommendations. It will take few weeks to see the final results, but so far I’m very pleased… “
“Being my first CoolSculpting experience I was delighted as to how friendly and professional everyone was with me. This definitely helped me relax. From the get go my Medspa consultant Lorraine explained the process to me thoroughly from beginning to end, her down to earth nature was very refreshing and she ensured my comfortability throughout my CoolSculpting. Thank you Azul Medspa I’ve already scheduled another appointment for a facial. I’m definitely going to be a return client. “
“I am extremely happy with the overall service Azul Medspa provided. From the ease of making my appointment to the great customer service the day of my visit. Lizette was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. Definitely gained a customer for life.”


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CoolSculpting ELITE

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