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EXILIS Ultra 360

Non-invasive treatment to smooth wrinkles & improve skin laxity in the face, neck, arms, legs, and more.

Exilis Skin Tightening

Non-invasive treatment to smooth wrinkles & improve skin laxity in the face, neck, arms, legs, and more.

EXILIS Skin Tightening in El Paso, TX

Exilis Ultra is a noninvasive skin tightening treatment designed to smooth wrinkles and address skin laxity in areas like the face, jowls, neck, abdomen, arms, and thighs.

FDA-cleared for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, the Exilis Ultra 360 device combines ultrasound and radiofrequency energy to stimulate new collagen production.

In some cases, Exilis can also aid in fat reduction in patients who are already close to their ideal weight and want subtle body sculpting.

While the treatment can be uncomfortable, pain is usually minimal. Some people even compare the sensation to a hot stone massage.


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how Exilis works

Exilis delivers radiofrequency and ultrasound energy waves as heat below the surface of the skin, safely firming skin and triggering collagen production.

A 2017 study on the efficacy of combined radiofrequency/ultrasound treatment found it versatile across all areas of the body, with noticeable improvements in more than 90% of before-and-after photos. All of the study participants said they were satisfied, whether their treatment targeted facial skin or body fat deposits.

In clinical studies conducted by the brand, patients who underwent Exilis treatments also noted an average of 42% reduction in wrinkles.

Seeing is believing

Click on the desired body area to view EXILIS ULTRA 360 results.

How many Exilis treatments are needed?

An initial series of up to six weekly treatment sessions is recommended, but the number of treatments you’ll need for optimal results will depend on the size of the area.

At your consultation, your provider should be able to provide you with a treatment recommendation and detailed cost estimate for the series.

What happens during an Exilis treatment?

You’ll lie down, and a grounding pad will be placed on your back (or the area of the body opposite the one you’re targeting) to help the device direct its energy. Then, your provider will massage the handpiece (which comes in two sizes, large and small) over the treatment area. 

The device heats up to between 105ºF and 109ºF and then automatically cools, allowing your provider to treat both deep and superficial layers while ensuring the surface of your skin doesn’t burn.

Each treatment session lasts about 15–30 minutes and delivers varying depths of heat, to tighten skin and reduce unwanted fat and cellulite. 

It’s relatively pain-free (no anesthesia needed), but your skin may feel hot or look inflamed during the procedure, and you can expect some discomfort.

What should you expect after an Exilis treatment?

There’s no downtime after an Exilis treatment session. Aside from some redness and possibly bruising, there’s nothing that should prevent you from going back to your usual routine immediately afterwards.

While no specific aftercare is necessary, using a gentle moisturizer and loose clothing may help soothe your skin.

How long before you see results from Exilis?

Each patient responds differently. Some notice an improvement fairly quickly, after one or two treatment sessions, but most see optimal results after five to six. 

It takes at least 90 days for your skin to produce new collagen and months for your body to naturally eliminate any fat cells that have been damaged during treatment, so you probably won’t see full results until three to six months after your final treatment.

Quick and versatile Exilis treatments in El Paso

Tired skin with first signs of aging? Saggy skin with loss of elasticity? Whether you are looking for some preventative maintenance or a specific cosmetic improvement, EXILIS ULTRA 360 may be your non-invasive answer!

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“Visited the spa couple a weeks ago for a cool sculpting procedure. Staff was very accommodating and professional, took the time to go over in detail how procedure works and instructions for the following days after. Was very surprised how they manage their appointments to comply with Covid 19 health recommendations. It will take few weeks to see the final results, but so far I’m very pleased… “
“Being my first CoolSculpting experience I was delighted as to how friendly and professional everyone was with me. This definitely helped me relax. From the get go my Medspa consultant Lorraine explained the process to me thoroughly from beginning to end, her down to earth nature was very refreshing and she ensured my comfortability throughout my CoolSculpting. Thank you Azul Medspa I’ve already scheduled another appointment for a facial. I’m definitely going to be a return client. “
“I am extremely happy with the overall service Azul Medspa provided. From the ease of making my appointment to the great customer service the day of my visit. Lizette was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. Definitely gained a customer for life.”


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