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Laser Tattoo Removal
Remove unwanted ink of all sizes & colors. Advanced lasers provide effective treatment safe for all skin types.
Laser Tattoo Removal
Remove unwanted ink of all sizes & colors. Advanced lasers provide effective treatment safe for all skin types.

Laser Tattoo Removal in El Paso, TX

Fast, powerful removal of unwanted tattoos with Pico Genesis

New, advanced laser tattoo removal technology has made it possible for providers to remove unwanted tattoos more efficiently and effectively than traditional tattoo removal methods. Cutera’s enlighten® has emerged as the premier solution for laser tattoo removal with the power to clear all ink colors, variable ink particle sizes and densities in fewer treatments.

A versatile portfolio of picosecond technology featuring multiple wavelengths, including the first true-red picosecond wavelength, and industry leading specifications to address multicolor tattoos.

PICO Genesis™ selectively shatters pigment and induces dermal disruption and remodeling for true skin revitalization in fewer than 3 sessions. PICO Genesis™ FX combines the 1064 nm wavelength with enlighten’s microlens array attachment to address acne scars, skin texture, and quality, and pores on all skin types.


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How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Tattoo removal works by breaking up ink deposits with laser energy. Laser energy is absorbed by the tattoo ink and it is broken up into smaller particles which are carried away by the body’s immune system. With successive treatments, the tattoo gradually disappears.

Two laser wavelengths of light are used for more precise targeting of ink pigments. It is powered by a system that produces small, high-powered pulses for increased pigment-disrupting precision and effectiveness.

What Should I Expect?

Whether it’s the content or placement of your tattoo, treatments with the Azul Medspa laser tattoo removal system can remove tattoo ink from your skin safely and effectively.

Tattoo removal requires multiple treatments, and the number of treatments is determined by the color, complexity and size of the tattoo.

Professional Tattoos may take up to nine treatments to remove, but can also be accomplished in as few as three. During your consultation, your treatment area will be evaluated, and the number of removal sessions will be estimated.

Shorter Treatment Times and Minimal Downtime.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in El Paso, TX?

The average price to have a tattoo removed in El Paso is $423. However, some individuals may pay as much as $4,000 or more to remove very large tattoos. Colorful tattoos usually cost more because they are more difficult to remove and require longer treatment times.

To get a more accurate cost estimate, contact us for a consultation. We can tell you how much you should expect to pay once we see the size and colors of your tattoo.

Free Your Skin of Ink and Your Mind of Regret

Patients describe the removal treatments as a sensation similar to getting the tattoo – some have described it as snapping a rubber band against the skin.

Topical anesthetics can be used to make the procedure more comfortable. After treatment, you will need to care for your skin in the same manner as you protected it when it was a new tattoo – consult with your clinician for proper post care treatment.

How Can I Get More of My Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal in El Paso Answered?

Contact Azul Medspa – Dr. Weeks MD and our expert staff, all of whom are certified and knowledgeable on medical lasers, will be more than happy to answer any questions you may still have. You can reach us at our East Office: 915-317-5212 | West Office: 915-584-2985

El Paso Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

Tattoo removal feels a bit like someone’s snapping a rubber band against your skin. There is some discomfort associated with this procedure, but most people tolerate it well. Most people agree that having a tattoo removed is less painful than getting the tattoo in the first place.
Most people experience near or complete removal of their tattoos after multiple treatments. There are certain ink colors and types that are easier to remove than others. We can also use laser technology to lighten the tattoo ink so you can receive a cover-up tattoo.
Some scarring is rare, but possible after tattoo removal with the Pico Genesis laser. However, the Pico Genesis FX laser reduces the likelihood of scarring due to its lightning-fast pulses. If you carefully follow our aftercare instructions, you’ll have an even lower chance of complications like scarring or pigmentation issues. It’s especially important to avoid picking at your skin after treatment. Scratching or irritating the treatment area can increase your risk of scarring. Most people who have their tattoos removed by us do not experience any scars after treatment.
Your tattoo removal El Paso TX treatment should take around 20 minutes. But your treatment time ultimately depends on the size of your tattoo. Large tattoos that took hours to apply can often be removed in a matter of minutes. It is much faster to remove tattoos than it is to create them.
Avoid tanning and sun exposure in the weeks before your treatment. You should also stop waxing, shaving, and exfoliating for at least three weeks before your appointment. These activities can increase the sensitivity of your skin and negatively impact the outcome of your treatment. We also recommend avoiding sun exposure for a few weeks after your appointment.
We don’t offer tattoo removal services to pregnant women. There isn’t enough evidence to show how the Pico Genesis laser may impact your fetus. We never want to risk the health of your unborn child. Therefore, we recommend waiting until you after you give birth to schedule the removal of your tattoos.
There are some alternatives to laser removal of your tattoos. They include tattoo removal creams you can apply in the comfort of your own home. However, alternative methods are not as effective as laser tattoo removal. Most people prefer laser removal for permanent results.
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“Visited the spa couple a weeks ago for a cool sculpting procedure. Staff was very accommodating and professional, took the time to go over in detail how procedure works and instructions for the following days after. Was very surprised how they manage their appointments to comply with Covid 19 health recommendations. It will take few weeks to see the final results, but so far I’m very pleased… “
“Being my first CoolSculpting experience I was delighted as to how friendly and professional everyone was with me. This definitely helped me relax. From the get go my Medspa consultant Lorraine explained the process to me thoroughly from beginning to end, her down to earth nature was very refreshing and she ensured my comfortability throughout my CoolSculpting. Thank you Azul Medspa I’ve already scheduled another appointment for a facial. I’m definitely going to be a return client. “
“I am extremely happy with the overall service Azul Medspa provided. From the ease of making my appointment to the great customer service the day of my visit. Lizette was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. Definitely gained a customer for life.”


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**Results may vary. We are reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Statements estimating treatment duration and the number of treatments required are based on the typical experience of our patients, however individual experiences may vary.

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