Non-Surgical Facelift - El Paso, TX / Santa Teresa, NM

Aging is a fact of life. However, at Azul Medspa we offer various non-surgical treatment plans to slow down the signs of aging, especially in the face. The skin may lose its natural elasticity and collagen stores, developing fine lines and deep creases. One alternative at Azul Medspa offers is the PDO Instalift Threads by V Lift.

What Is A Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a procedure where sutures are used to produce a visible "lift" in the skin. Instead of removing loose facial skin by a surgical facelift, the skin is suspended by stitching up portions of it.

What Is A V Lift Pro Filler Thread Lift?

The V Lift Pro Filler is a mix of crosslinked Polydioxanone threads that differ from other biostimulators (Botulinium toxin and Fillers) because they gradually induce a minimal foreign body reaction in the place where there are injected. Fibroblasts are activated, epidermal growth factor is released, collagen is synthesized and released, new blood cells are developed, and all these lead to regeneration of the skin. Also, collagen fibers along with the granulation tissue formed acts like a scaffold which supports the sagging tissue and tightens the skin.

The "V" Lift Pro was designed to rejuvenate the appearance by focusing on the natural 'V' shape of the face. The technique, similar to a liquid facelift, centers on the organic structure of the face, from the chin to the temples. Using this as a template the special Polydioxanone threads create a youthful, refreshed look.

Who Are The Best Candidates For V Lift PDO Instalift Threads?

This revitalization program is useful for all types of skin age and groups. In fact, this is both preventative and curative-useful in young people as prevention against the first signs of aging and for mature patients in reducing already aged skin.

When Will I See Results From My Thread Lift?

You will see a slight change right after the procedure but the real effect begins to show up after four to eight weeks, as the skin begins to react. It continues to improve over time and the maximal improvement is seen about eight to ten months.*

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

We find that our patients have the most effective results with one to three sessions.* During you personalized consultation we will develop you custom treatment plan.

How Long Will The Results From A V Lift Thread Lift Last?

Depending on the patient lift style the V Lift results can last from one to 2 years.*

The Benefits Of The V Lift Pro

  • Non-surgical facelift
  • No cuts
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis and production
  • Activates reparative processes, regeneration, and renewal
  • Very minimal to no downtime
  • No scarring
  • Safe, nontoxic, heavy metal-free.

If you are tired of looking tired and the signs of aging are showing more and more each day, we recommend you contact our office today to schedule a consultation to see if the V Lift PDO Instalift Thread Lift is the answer for you. Contact us online or call 915-317-5212.

*Results may vary. Consult with the staff at Azul Medspa to see if you are a candidate.