Wear sunscreen!!


Hey pretties!
So here I am, going to tell you something you don’t want to hear, WEAR SUNSCREEN!
I know, you hear so many people say it, but do any of us actually do it every day? Can you
honestly say it’s in your daily morning routine? If you can, KUDOS to you! If you don’t,
then keep reading.
I’m not here to talk about facts to try to convince you to start, but hopefully through my
experience, it can inspire you to start. When I was younger, I played tons of outdoor
sports and loved tanning. I put sunscreen on my body every day, but never on my face.
Why? Either I didn’t want to ruin my makeup or I would forget! I started applying
sunscreen after my moisturizer in my early 20s and felt like I was doing my due diligence.
Forward a couple of years, I hear that sunscreen needs to be applied every couple of
hours! So wait, you’re telling me that I need to apply sunscreen over my foundation,
concealer, bronzer, blush aaaaand highlighter? I gave up entirely. Time goes by, I learned
more. Here’s my routine:
Apply sunscreen after moisturizer in the morning. I love using Epionce Ultra Shield SPF 50
Sunscreen. Doesn’t leave a white cast, has antioxidants, goes well under foundation, gives
my skin a glow and absorbs quickly. I’ve had my fair share of trying sunscreens and this is
the best!
There are two ways to reapply sunscreen, powder or spray. Try out Supergoop (Re)Setting
100% Mineral Powder SPF 35 is my powder of choice, sets makeup and mattifies. It is
great for a matte look.
For my glowing skin-lovers, try the Supergoop Defense Refresh (Re)Setting Mist SPF 40.
It’s a setting spray mist that can be sprayed on every couple of hours and has an amazing
peppermint scent that isn’t overwhelming. Its aromatherapy in a bottle but also sunscreen.
I hope this helps steer you towards the right direction in regards to the best products to
try. After I incorporated this routine, I noticed a change in my skin. It was more even
tones, acne scars faded faster, it seemed brighter, and I had less redness. Of course, I
also don’t get sun burnt. Give us a call at Azul so we can hook you up with Epionce skin
products and we can even give you a personalized skincare regimen.
Until next time,
Azul Gal
Writer - Belinda Salazar