Welcome to Azul Medspa Blog!

Hey pretties!
Welcome to the Azul Medspa blog! So glad you’re here; whether you’re new to the
family or have been with us for a while, we are so excited to start this blog.
Essentially, this will be about all things beauty/wellness and share some tips on how
to feel and look your best. We know that all these beauty procedures can be
overwhelming with medical jargon, alternative options and all the horror stories of
people getting work done from foreign countries. We’re here to guide you in a more
casual way, to explain things in a way that someone without a medical degree can
understand (lol). We hope that this can be a safe space to share information and for
you to ask questions those burning questions.
Submit your questions to chavezazulmedspa@gmail.com and we will do our best to
explain it!
We can’t wait to connect with you on here and have a space for us to talk all things
Bye for now!
xxx Azul Gal

Writer - Belinda Salazar