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How Much Does Coolsculpting Elite Cost

CoolSculpting Elite cost is a valid concern, especially for those who are investing a significant amount of money to achieve the body of their dreams. While it is a common concern for people, it should not be the only thing you consider before selecting your CoolSculpting Elite provider.

Read on to learn more about CoolSculpting Elite price and how to receive the most affordable body contouring in the El Paso, Texas, area with Azul Medspa.

Benefits of CoolSculpting Elite

  •  Safely reduces stubborn fat deposits
  •  Non-surgical alternative to liposuction
  •  Targets love handles, thigh fat, belly fat, double chins & more
  •  Treatments are virtually painless
  •  Non-invasive with no downtime
  •  Results look natural and last
  •  Sculpt musculature and attractive curves

The CoolSculpting Elite Treatment

Understanding the CoolSculpting Elite treatment makes it easier to know how CoolSculpting Elite prices work. To begin, a single CoolSculpting Elite applicator is used during a cooling session. This applicator administers the cooling technology over the target area, delivering “freezing” temperatures to the subcutaneous fat cells under the skin’s surface. Then, the applicator draws those fat cells to the surface and effectively “freezes them to death.” Depending on the applicator’s size, the cooling session may last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to complete. One cooling session using one applicator is considered a cycle.

CoolSculpting Elite Price Structure

CoolSculpting Elite prices depend on the amount of cooling cycles and the type of applicators used during each cooling session. For example, mirrored treatments, like treatments for the love handles or flanks, required treatment with an applicator on both sides. This is considered two cycles.

CoolSculpting Elite Applicator Size and Shape

CoolSculpting Elite applicators come in all different sizes and shapes. Each handheld device is unique for the area it treats. CoolSculpting Elite technology provides personalized fat freezing with versatile applicators. The size and exact number of applicators needed to target a specific treatment area depend on the patient and their unique needs.

For example, freezing belly fat on one person’s abdomen may require using two small applicators. For a different person, it may require the use of one large applicator to cover more area.

During your consultation with Azul Medspa, you undergo a physical evaluation to determine if CoolSculpting Elite suits you. Once they determine that fat freezing is suitable for your body and needs, they then decide which applicators would best treat your designated treatment zones. Different applicator sizes cost different amounts. For example, a large applicator covering double the treatment size of a small applicator costs more than smaller applicators.

How to Save on CoolSculpting Elite Cost?

There are many ways to save on your CoolSculpting Elite price. Purchasing a treatment package gives you a discount on the overall price. CoolSculpting Elite specials are another excellent way to save on your fat reduction treatment.

Find Out How Much CoolSculpting Elite Costs

The best way to learn how much CoolSculpting Elite costs is to schedule a consultation with Azul Medspa. You discuss CoolSculpting Elite prices in great detail during your evaluation with a knowledgeable specialist. If fat freezing is right for you, Azul Medspa creates a treatment plan that achieves dramatic results at the most affordable prices in El Paso, Texas.

We have two locations to serve our clientele better, Medspa East (915) 317-5212 and Medspa West (915) 584-2985. Call us or reach out to us today to learn more.


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