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Love Your Laugh: Smile Line Fillers Do’s and Don’ts

Dermal fillers are highly versatile and can subtly improve your facial features. You’re probably familiar with cheek filler and lip filler because they’re highly popular. But did you know you can also get filler for unwanted smile lines near your mouth? Smile lines are also commonly called nasolabial folds. They’re a very common sign of aging skin. Genetics can also cause smile lines to develop more deeply or rapidly for some people.

If you’ve recently noticed smile lines beginning to appear between the outer corners of your mouth and your nose, it’s not all bad news! Lines in this location tend to occur as the natural result of living a joyful life with many smiles and laughter. People with deep smile lines are often among the happiest and most enjoyable people to be around.

Even though smile lines often indicate a joy-filled life, they’re not always a welcome facial feature. Their appearance can cause you to look older than your years. Over time, they tend to become even deeper and more pronounced.

Fortunately, treating smile lines is easier than you might think. Dermal filler smile line treatments can soften the appearance of unwanted creases and wrinkles in minimal time. Here’s what to know about smile line filler and what you should and shouldn’t do after treatment to get the best results.

What Is Smile Lines Filler?

As you grow older, it’s natural to wonder, “What can I do about cheek wrinkles when I smile?” Avoiding excessive sunlight exposure, staying hydrated, and eating a healthy diet are common-sense steps you can take. These and other healthy lifestyle habits can help your skin look more youthful. But as you grow older, you’ll likely notice that simply living a healthy lifestyle is no longer sufficient to keep wrinkles at bay. That’s when you may want to consider getting fillers to help smooth the appearance of your face. 

Smile line filler is simply dermal filler that’s injected near the nasolabial folds. The most popular dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA). Though it might sound scary to inject any type of acid into your face, don’t worry. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the skin, where it helps to retain and attract moisture.

One of the most notable advantages of HA fillers is that they are dissolvable. Therefore, if you experience a bad side effect, such as an allergic reaction to the filler, you can have your provider reverse it. Non-HA fillers are non-dissolvable and pose a greater risk if you have an adverse reaction.

Juvéderm for smile lines is a popular treatment. Juvéderm is hydrating dermal filler made with hyaluronic acid. It delivers exceptionally smooth, natural-looking results. Restylane is another HA filler that’s highly acclaimed for delivering reliable results. If you’re looking for the best filler for smile lines, ask your provider about these two filler brands.

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Smile Line Filler Before and After*

Smile line filler can have a dramatic yet natural-looking impact on the appearance of nasolabial folds. Many people turn to fillers to reduce the appearance of smile lines and help them look more youthful. View before and after photos of patients who have received smile line filler to see the remarkable difference these injections can make. Keep in mind that each person’s skin and facial structure are unique. Therefore, individual results may vary.*

What to Expect From Smile Lines Filler Treatment

Before you receive dermal filler smile lines treatment, your provider will sit down with you to explain how everything works. Once they understand your aesthetic goals, expectations, and treatment concerns, they’ll analyze your face and determine where to make the injections.

Next, your provider will likely numb the treatment area with a topical numbing agent. Once you’re sufficiently numb, you’ll receive carefully placed injections of dermal filler around your smile lines. You may experience some initial redness and inflammation, but these symptoms should decrease over the next few days.

Laugh Line Fillers Do’s and Don’ts

To get the best outcome from your treatment and to minimize your side effects, it’s important to follow your provider’s instructions. They’ll give you detailed aftercare directions to follow. Just like knowing what to do and what not to do after lip filler or cheek filler, there is also a crucial list of do’s and don’ts to follow after you receive filler on laugh lines.

DO Choose a Skilled Provider to Perform Your Injections

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Your experience during and after smile line filler depends mainly on the skill of your provider. If you go to someone who’s not qualified to inject dermal fillers, your likelihood of experiencing unwanted or even severe side effects rises dramatically. It is worth it to seek out an experienced and qualified provider who knows how to safely and strategically inject dermal filler for the best outcome.

DO Wear a Loose Top to Your Appointment

Your face may be swollen and tender immediately after your appointment. Therefore, you’ll want to wear a loose, comfortable top to your appointment. That way, you can easily remove it when you get ready for bed. It wouldn’t feel very good to have to pull a tight turtleneck off over your sensitive skin.

DO Go to Your Appointment With a Clean Face

When you visit your provider to receive fillers for smile lines on your cheeks, you should arrive with fresh skin. Feel free to wash and moisturize your face, but don’t apply makeup.

DO Use Cold Compresses to Relieve Swelling and Discomfort

Applying cold compresses periodically after treatment may help reduce swelling. It can also numb any discomfort you experience and minimize your likelihood of bruising.

DO Avoid Excessive Sunlight Exposure After Treatment

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Your skin will be more sensitive than usual for the first few days after treatment. Therefore, you should try to stay out of direct sunlight. Avoid tanning for at least two weeks after your treatment.

DO Wear Sunscreen Before Going Outdoors

If you can’t avoid being outdoors in the days following your smile lines filler appointment, always apply sunscreen. It will help protect your delicate skin. Wearing SPF products before going outdoors can also help prolong your results and keep your skin looking youthful for as long as possible.

DO Stay Well-Hydrated After Treatment

Water is essential for your body’s natural healing processes. Stay hydrated after your appointment to help your body return to normal as quickly as possible. 

DO Consult With Your Provider if You Experience Unusual Symptoms

While some swelling and discomfort are normal after dermal filler injections, you should keep an eye out for more serious symptoms. Talk to your provider if you experience:

DON’T Engage in Strenuous Activity for at Least Two Weeks

Even though the process for receiving laugh line fillers is minimally invasive, there is still a risk of complications if you don’t allow your body to heal. You should avoid strenuous activities for at least two weeks after your appointment. Only resume intense exercises when your provider clears you to do so.

DON’T Exfoliate or Shave Your Face for at Least One Week

Exfoliating or shaving your face too soon after receiving smile line fillers could introduce bacteria to the treatment areas. Wait at least one week for the injection sites to heal before gently resuming these activities.

DON’T Smoke or Drink for at Least One Week After Injections

Smoking and drinking can both impact the body’s ability to heal. You should avoid smoking and drinking for the week before and after receiving your laugh line fillers.

DON’T Sleep Directly on Your Face for a Few Days After Treatment

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If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, you must temporarily change your sleeping habits after your filler appointment. You need to keep pressure off your face for a few days after treatment. You should also sleep with your head elevated just a bit. Some people find that sleeping in a recliner for a few days helps them avoid rolling onto their faces.

DON’T Take Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Unless Approved by Your Provider

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin are popular over-the-counter pain remedies. However, they may not be the best choice for managing discomfort after dermal fillers. They can raise your risk of bleeding and bruising after receiving dermal fillers. Ask your provider what pain medication they recommend to manage any post-treatment discomfort you experience.

DON’T Massage the Treatment Area for at Least Two Weeks

When your muscles are sore, you can often relieve them by massaging them. But the same isn’t true for dermal filler injection sites. Massaging the treatment area likely won’t minimize your pain. But it could cause your fillers to migrate to unwanted areas of your face. To keep this from happening, avoid massaging the treatment area for at least two weeks.

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