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Ah, the good ol’ nighttime skincare routine. For some, a source of confusion, for others a dreaded bedtime step sometimes skipped guilt-free. However, I regret to inform you, this part of your day is vital to preserving your youth and your skin’s health. We’ve all seen it, or been recommended a nighttime routine, five products long, that may even leave our skin feeling anything but lightweight and bouncy.

So here it is, a one-step night cream, that I dare say is guaranteed to yield noticeable results. Why is SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced+ Serum so praiseworthy? Kick back, relax, and read the following.

In my opinion, there is one standout ingredient in this product that makes it unlike anything else found in the cosmeceutical market. TNS Advanced+ Serum contains conditioned human fibroblast, harvested from newborn foreskin. From the information I’ve received from SkinMedica reps, there was one, single male donor of which these fibroblasts have continued to be scientifically replicated. Fibroblasts are utilized within the skin as a growth factor and can aid our dermis in creating things that the skin creates, like collagen, initiating cell turnover, melanin regulation, skin density, and so on. Basically, all things healthy skin functions are boosted by this influential ingredient. The TNS Advanced+ Serum also contains peptides to nourish the skin. Peptides are known to support the functions of proteins within the skin that again, help skin be skin, and look amazing. (1) Check out all of the ingredients used in the TNS + serum in the link below. (2)

How to use TNS + Serum, and why it can be a one-step process. Listen amigas(os) – you’ve got to wash your face EVERY NIGHT. Preferably a double cleanse, I will blog about this later. So, I’m not going to count this as a step of the bedtime routine because this is just a necessity, and don’t get me started on makeup-removing wipes. We do not stan makeup removing wipes. Back to the topic, on clean skin, one pump of TNS Advanced+ Serum is enough product to cover the entire face and neck. A thin, even layer is all you need. Don’t forget the skin right in front of your ear, and my personal favorite, I place a very thin layer on my lips and top them with a lip sleeping mask from LANEIGE (link below). (4)

Here is why I claim that TNS Advanced+ Serum is all that jazz. Within days of using the product, I start to notice a beautiful glow on my skin. My nasolabial folds start looking less deep, and I start getting those random compliments from the husband like him asking me what I put on my skin. Clients also regularly compliment me on my skin, especially my forehead, because with a mask on it is definitely a focal point. SkinMedica claims that within 2 weeks, TNS Advanced+ Serum can give you visible changes such as the smoothed appearance of coarse lines, improvements in sagging skin, and the ability to make you appear 6 years younger after 12 weeks of use. (2) Sounds amazing, and although I’ll be the first to admit there is no such thing as a miracle cream, I do stand by these claims and believe that this is the best antiaging cream money can buy. Through experience, I’ll say that Alastin, Guerlain, LaRoche Posay, and LaMer are good, but TNS Advanced+ is top-shelf.

Now, let’s talk pricing. The price tag for the TNS Advanced+ Serum does come in at a not-so-exciting $295. Typically, if you are using the product morning and night as directed by SkinMedica the serum will last you 6-8 weeks. If you’re like me, you’ll use one pump nightly, which will extend the life of your product. The biggest argument I can make against this price tag is can you truly put a price on confidence that you can see and feel? In a literal sense, yes. But in a you deserve it because you do so much, and deserve to feel great sense, absolutely not. It’s a skinvestment, and if things that boost your mood and make you feel excited to see and be seen are your jam, every penny is well spent. Because SkinMedica is from the Allergan portfolio you do rack up Alle points for your purchase which will total 295 points or $20 redeemable dollars of a discount on your next purchase of anything within the Allergan portfolio. (3)

You can also tune into the @azulmedspa Instagram page, as our office manager, Pricilia, is excellent at posting coupons. TNS serum does occasionally have $50 off coupons that we’ve seen and can accept.


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