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Kybella vs Coolsculpting: Which is Better for Chins?

Do you daydream about getting rid of your double chin once and for all? Maybe you avoid taking pictures because you are unhappy with your appearance? Are diet and exercise not enough to help you achieve a sculpted jawline? For many women and men, extra fat under the chin is a common problem due to genetics, aging, or weight gain. According to a 2017 survey from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), over 70% of patients are bothered by excess fat under the chin.

Luckily, two solutions are available to help reduce the appearance of fatty tissue under the chin without surgery. Kybella and Coolsculpting are both procedures that help tighten the skin and improve the appearance of fullness under your chin. Given the ease of these procedures and outstanding results, both treatments are excellent options for those looking to avoid surgery and scarring.

Kybella is a liquid injection for melting fat cells in the chin. Coolsculpting, on the other hand, is a non-invasive treatment using a machine for freezing fat cells. While both treatments significantly improve a double chin, they differ in terms of technology, cost, downtime, and duration.

So, is Kybella or Coolsculpting better for a double chin reduction? Keep reading for a full breakdown of both treatments to help you decide on the right treatment for your cosmetic concerns.

What Are the Benefits of Kybella Chin Treatment?

There are so many benefits to getting Kybella injections to improve your double chin. One of the main benefits is that it removes the extra layer of fat that hangs under your chin by dissolving fat cells—helping you feel more confident in your appearance.

Additional benefits include:

What Are the Benefits of Coolsculpting Chin Treatment?

CoolSculpting is a safe and convenient way to reduce the appearance of a double chin and improve self-esteem. One of the main benefits of this procedure is that it freezes and destroys fat cells under the chin.

Additional benefits include:

Kybella Explained

Kybella is a safe and effective way to eliminate a double chin and improve appearance. Kybella is made of a substance called deoxycholic acid which is naturally found in our bodies. This acid is injected into the fatty tissue in the chin and breaks down fat cells. Over time, the body naturally removes the fat cells that Kybella has destroyed. However, Kybella may not be for you if you are afraid of needles.

The entire treatment takes about 20 to 30 minutes. A series of four to six treatments is recommended, spaced one month apart. After each session, patients may experience swelling or redness. These symptoms will disappear after several days. On average, patients notice a reduction in the fullness of their double chin after two sessions and greater results after four to six sessions.

Coolsculpting Explained

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction alternative. This FDA-cleared procedure is a great option for those who are afraid of needles or do not wish to experience downtime. Coolsculpting uses fat-freezing technology called cryolipolysis to reduce unwanted fatty tissue in the chin. During the treatment, a special applicator is applied to the chin. The handheld device then emits a calibrated cooling to the area and freezes a portion of the fat cells. Once the fat cells are frozen, they die, and the body naturally gets rid of them over time. As a result, this technique makes the chin area look slimmer and more toned. Overall, Coolsculpting is a safe and effective way to reduce stubborn fat and improve the definition of your chin and jawline.

Coolsculpting sessions run a bit longer than Kybella and take about 45 minutes, depending on the treatment area(s). A series of three treatments is recommended, depending on your aesthetic goals. After each session, patients may experience redness, numbness, and swelling. These symptoms will go away on their own. There is no downtime, and patients can resume normal activities after treatment. On average, patients will notice a reduction in their double chin at four to five weeks after treatment. As always, results will be different for everyone*

Ultimately, the choice between Kybella and Coolsculpting depends on your individual goals, preferences, and medical history. Discussing both options with a qualified medical professional is important to determine the best course of action for you.

Understanding the Risks of Kybella and Coolsculpting

Kybella and Coolsculpting are popular treatments for removing stubborn fat under the chin. While rare, some risk is possible for both treatment options.

A major risk with Kybella is the possibility of significant swelling, bruising, or pain at the injection site. There is also a risk of nerve damage in the area, which can cause temporary weakness or numbness. Coolsculpting is less invasive and generally safer. Redness and numbness are the most common side effects.

Discussing these risks with a qualified medical professional before undergoing either treatment is important.

Kybella vs. Coolsculpting Results*

Kybella and Coolsculpting are both great non-surgical options for those looking to sculpt their appearance and eliminate stubborn fat under the chin.

On average, over 70%* of Kybella patients experienced a noticeable improvement in fat under the chin after six treatment sessions. CoolSculpting clinical studies found that 77%* of patients, on average, showed an improved appearance of fatty tissue. Additionally, 75%* of patients reported their chin looked more toned following treatment.

Both Kybella and Coolsculpting can provide long-lasting results. However, the duration of these results depends on things like aging, genetics, and weight gain. For example, with significant weight gain, it is possible that the remaining fat cells in the area can increase in size. Therefore, having realistic goals about what a fat reduction treatment can achieve is important.

Experience Kybella and Coolsculpting Chin Treatments in El Paso, Texas

Fat reduction treatments are great options to consider if you are ready to improve the appearance of your double chin without surgery. You can learn more about how Kybella or Coolsculpting chin treatments can help you permanently eliminate stubborn chin fat and sculpt your appearance by contacting Azul Medspa. We are proud to be one of the top providers of both Kybella injections AND CoolSculpting Elite in El Paso, Texas.

Please give us a call at either (915) 317-5212 (Medspa East) or (915) 584-2985 (Medspa West) to book your free consultation or reach out to us online. We look forward to helping you say goodbye to your double chin and achieve the most youthful and sculpted profile of your dreams.


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